All the weapons found in Salmon's works.

In the Hunger Games seriesEdit


Axes are a favored weapon by District 7 tributes, due to their background in lumber. Some tributes were especially dangerous with the weapon, such as Boris Galluci, who used one to kill 7 of the 10 tributes he encountered. Victors who used this weapon include the already mentioned Boris and Uzi Kystrel
Combat Axe

The common, two handed combat axe.


Swords are a good weapon for slashing and stabbing. Careers love to use these, especially ones from District 2. It also makes a good close range weapon for those who want more than a knife. Victors who used this weapon include the Victor of the 1003rd Hunger Games and Uzi Kystrel.


The regular sword.


The knife is a handy weapon that doubles as a tool, and is favored for quicker tributes who can't handle the heavier weapons. It is a good side weapon to use for people who liked bows and crossbows, and with enough skill, can be used to kill in an instant. Victors who used this weapon include

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