"Christopher's death will not go unpunished!"
Arthur Waterborne[src]
The Waterborne Uprising was a war between the Waterbornes and the Capitol following the death of Christopher Waterborne. The war began in 700 ADD with the Liberation of District 4 and ended in 701 ADD with the Battle of the District 1 Waterborne Stronghold.

Plans to declare WarEdit

After the conclusion of the 700th Hunger Games, Arthur Waterborne gathered the Waterbornes and announced to declare war on the Capitol. Most of the Waterbornes agreed to the plan, and soon geared up for war to take on the Capitol and avenge Christopher.

The Eastern TheatreEdit

Liberation of District 4Edit

Main Article: Liberation of District 4

The Liberation of District 4 was an event that started the uprising. The Waterbornes banded  together and took over District 4, overthrowing the local peacekeeping force.

Operation Gulf RaidEdit

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Operation Gulf Raid was a botched attempt to capture a Capitol Supply Cache on the southern coast of Alabama. The Waterbornes on the mission were all killed, except for two. This event alerted the capitol that they didn't control District 4.

Invasion of District 4Edit

Main Article: Invasion of District 4

The Invasion of District 4 was the battle that the Capitol retook District 4 from the Waterbornes. After near annihilation of the Waterbornes and destruction of the Waterborne Manor, the capitol crushed the remaining rebels and started the Waterborne Holocaust.

The Western TheatreEdit

Battle of the District 2 Waterborne StrongholdEdit

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The Battle of the District 2 Waterborne Stronghold was a battle in which the District 2 Peacekeepers destroyed the District 2 Waterborne Stronghold, killing most of the Waterbornes living in District 2. The battle is considered very minor compared to the others.

Battle of the District 1 Waterborne StrongholdEdit

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