The Waterborne Holocaust was an event starting during the Invasion of District 4 and ending after the Shootout on Pike Island. It caused the death of many Waterbornes, forcing the survivors to change they're names or go into hiding.


In response to the holocaust, Waterbornes who survived Invasion of District 4 or lived in the District 1 or 2 stronghold, gathered together and fled to the wilds to set up holdouts, to wait out the holocaust and try to rebel agains the capitol another day. Famous holdouts include

Notable CasaultiesEdit

Arthur Waterborne: Publicly executed after interrogation.

Harald Waterborne: Killed during the Battle of the District 2 Waterborne Stronghold.

Unknown Male Waterborne: Killed during the Skirmish near Death Valley.

Morgan Waterborne: Killed during the Skirmish Near District 8.

Austin Waterborne: Killed during the First Battle of the District 1 Waterborne Stronghold.

Nikki Waterborne: Killed during the Siege of the Capital.

Viktor Waterborne: Killed during the Shootout on Pike Island.


Amlyn Waterborne: Changed her appearance, then changed her name to Maggie Harrison before going into hiding until the 701 ADD.

Mack Waterborne: Went into hiding, re-emerged in 701 ADD.

Artemisia WaterborneWent into hiding, re-emerged in 701 ADD.

Jack Waterborne: Fled to District 3 with his wife Belinda and daughter Jane. Changed surname to Peters.

Belinda Waterborne: Fled to District 3 with her husband Jack and daughter Jane. Changed surname to Peters.

Jane Waterborne: Fled to District 3 with her father Jack and mother Belinda. Changed surname to Peters.