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Victor of the 178th Games
Fate Unknown
Possible Future Character
Basic Statistics
Gender Female
District 1
Age 18
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'7
Weight 130 lbs.
Build Curvy
Game's Information
Final Placing 1st
Killed By Nobody
The Victor of the 178th Games was a female tribute from District 1 aged 18. Her district partner was an unknown male from 1.

Her GamesEdit

She was a beautiful young girl of the district, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She volunteered for the games at 18 after peer pressure, and was soon on her way. Considered a weak career, especially by the female from 2, this girl had trouble proving herself. She scored measly of 7, and was the one picked on by the other careers.


After figuring out the arena to be a forest surrounded with a lake at it's heart, she, like the other careers, rushed for the cornucopia. She had a brush with death, almost being beheaded by an ax. She managed to survive, and took the cornucopia over with the other careers.

The Games press onEdit

She took up a hobby of swimming. She would dress herself in a bikini, swim mask, and fins and go swim in the large lake for hours. She would dive under and press herself to hold her breath as long as she could. The other careers thought this as silly, but secretly she was training.
178 Victor

Her adopting a strategy

Disaster StrikesEdit

An anti career raid that night wiped out the other careers. She found herself as the lone one, abandoning the cornucopia. After days of swimming however, she had a great lung capacity. She took up a heavy stone, and sunk to the bottom of the lake. Wearing her swim mask, she would look around the lake for 5 minutes, before surfacing for air. She continued this for days, until the rest of the competition dwindled, leaving her and another tribute.

The Final FightEdit

The other tribute had tracked her down in the final fight, and had lept into the lake anxiously. They fought underwater for minutes, until both had to surface. Bubbles poured from this girl's mouth, as the other tribute drug her down. The tribute pulled of her mask, blurring her vision. Unable to see clearly, she grabbed for the other tribute. She grabbed a spiney plant, screaming out in agony as bubbles erupted in vast quantites from her mouth. The plant was poisonous, as she blacked out from lack of air and venom.

Surprising victoryEdit

After awakening in the capitol, she found herself a victor. The other tribute drowned on the way to the surface, declaring her victor. She dissapeared soon after however, and hasn't been seen since 179 ADD.

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