Unnamed Tuxedo Clad Man
Tux guy
Lawful Evil Character
Born in the Capitol
Basic Statistics
Gender Male
District Capitol
Age 27
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Height 6'2
Weight 198 lbs.
Build Tall and Wide
Final Info
Status KIA
Killed By Emilia
Cause of Death Shot in the head
The Unnamed Tuxedo Clad Man was a male Capitol Combat Diver who participated in the Infiltration of De Leone Mercenary Underwater Cavern. He was killed during the mission by Emilia Oswald.

Before the MissionEdit

It's assumed he managed the equipment used by the Unnamed Pink Haired Diver and Limey. He stayed on the boat with the Unnamed Capitol Boat Driver while the pink haired diver and Limey dove underwater to investigate suspicious activity.


After Limey surfaced alone, the man grabbed an Enfield assault rifle and ordered the driver to speed back to base. Soon they were pursued. The man fired rounds at the RWF boat, before ducking behind cover when Emilia and Darrel returned fire. After Darrel rammed his boat into the Capitol boat, the man rose up and prepared to end Darrel with a burst of fire. Before he ever got the chance, Emilia shot him in the head, killing him instantly.