Unnamed Pink Haired Diver
PinkhairedgirlThe Girl before her death.
Neutral Evil Character
Deceased Characters
Born in the Capitol
Basic Statistics
Gender Female
District Capitol
Age 18
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Pink
Height 5'8
Weight 118 lbs.
Build Tall and Thin
Final Info
Status KIA
Killed By Emilia Oswald
Cause of Death Stabbed while fighting underwater.
The Unnamed Pink Haired Diver was a female Capitol Combat Diver who participated in the Infiltration of De Leone Mercenary Underwater Cavern. She was killed during the mission by Emilia Oswald.

Before the MissionEdit

Her and Limey were two of the four capitol divers in on the mission. She was a skilled diver, so she took Limey with her to infiltrate the cavern.


After being seen by the RWF executing a DLM radio operator, the girl and Limey went back underwater to leave. There they were confronted by the RWF. The girl pulled out a Berreta and fired it, hitting Trina in the side. Before she could fire another shot, Emilia stabbed her, killing her quickly.