Unnamed Male NATO Diver (Operation Sabotage)
MalediverThe Diver attempting to stab Alicia Morales during Operation Sabotage.
NATO Diver
Main Information
Gender Male
Age 30
Home Country Mexico
Rank Seargent
Nationality Mexican
Race Hispanic
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Skin Color Tan
Underwater Eye Color Dark Brown
Underwater Hair Color Dark Brown
Hair Length Short
Eyelash Length Short
Height 5'8
Weight 155 lbs.
Combat Info
Weapons Harpoon Gun, Combat Knife
Equipment Blue Dive Mask, Blue fins, Oxygen Tank
Confirmed Kills 1 (Alicia Morales)
Longest Underwater Breath Hold 1 Minute, 12 seconds
Average Run Speed  ???
Average Swim Speed 4.3 MPH
Heaviest Lift  ???
Final Info
Status Killed in Action
Killed By Clarissa McKnight
Cause of Death Slashed and Stabbed multiple times.
The Unnamed Male NATO Diver (October 5th, 1992 - Feburary 1st, 2023) was a diver in the NATO Navy who served in Operation Sabotage.

Life Before World War 3Edit

It is unknown what his life was before World War 3.

Combat in World War 3Edit

At some point after the Nuclear Attack on Los Angeles, the male joined the NATO navy as a combat diver. He participated in Operation Sabotage, where he attempted to stop SS divers from destroying the Panama fleet. He soon engaged Alicia Morales in underwater combat. 

UW Fight

The diver fights SS Diver Alicia Morales

Fight vs Alicia and DeathEdit

The man drew a combat knife, attempting to stab and kill Alicia. Alicia however caught his knife arm, and the two in a tight grip on each other, begin to circle around. The diver was stronger, and eventually overpowered Alicia. He then ripped Alicia's dive mask off her face and disabled her regulator. Unable to see clearly or breathe, Alicia panicked and bolted for the surface. The diver reacted quickly, pulling her back under, not allowing her to surface. She eventually ran out of air and drowned. This kill however led to his death shortly after. Infuriated, Clarissa McKnight charged him. He attempted to cut her throat, but Clarissa disarmed him, before slashing and stabbing him until he was barely recognizable anymore.