Unnamed Female NATO Diver (Operation Sabotage)
Ndiver1The Diver before Operation Sabotage.
NATO Diver
Main Information
Gender Female
Age 26
Home Country United States
Rank Corporal
Nationality American
Race White
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Skin Color Light
Underwater Eye Color Dark Blue
Underwater Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Hair Length Chest Length
Eyelash Length Long
Height 5'5
Weight 130 lbs.
Combat Info
Weapons Harpoon Gun, Combat Knife
Equipment Yellow Dive Mask, Blue fins, Oxygen Tank
Confirmed Kills 0
Longest Underwater Breath Hold 32 Seconds
Average Run Speed  ???
Average Swim Speed 4.1 MPH
Heaviest Lift  ???
Final Info
Status Killed in Action
Killed By Clarissa McKnight
Cause of Death Drowning
The Unnamed Female NATO Diver (November 8th, 1996 - Feburary 1st, 2023) was a diver in the NATO Navy who served in Operation Sabotage.

Life Before World War 3Edit

It is unknown what her life was before World War 3.

Combat in World War 3Edit

At some point after the Nuclear Attack on Los Angeles, the female joined the NATO navy as a combat diver. She participated in Operation Sabotage, where she attempted to stop SS divers from destroying the Panama fleet. She soon engaged Clarissa McKnight in underwater combat. 
Breath hold

The girl holds her breath while fighting Clarissa.

Fight vs Clarissa and DeathEdit

The girl managed to strike first, slashing Clarissa's air hose, depriving her of oxygen. However, Clarissa held her breath, and managed to steal one of the girl's knives and stab her in the foot. Distracted by pain, the girl clutched her

Clarissa McKnight drowns the girl.

foot, but Clarissa came from behind, getting the girl in a tight chokehold. Clarissa ripped the regulator from the girl's mouth and breathed through it herself. Deprived of oxygen, the girl panicked, and let out a whole bunch of air. Her lungs empty, the girl lost consciousness from lack of air. She then drowned seconds later. 

The girl, drowned.