Unnamed Capitol Boat Driver
Chaotic Evil Character
Born in the Capitol
Basic Statistics
Gender Male
District Capitol
Age 23
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Light Brown
Height 5'9
Weight 180 lbs.
Build Medium
Final Info
Status KIA
Killed By Darrel
Cause of Death Knocked into spinning boat propeller.
The Unnamed Capitol Boat Driver was a male Capitol Combat Diver who participated in the Infiltration of De Leone Mercenary Underwater Cavern. He was killed during the mission by Darrel.

Before the MissionEdit

This man drove the speedboat to transport the Unnamed Pink Haired DiverUnnamed Tuxedo Clad Man, and Limey to the DLM Hidden Caverns. He stayed on the boat with the Unnamed Tuxedo Clad Man while the pink haired diver and Limey dove underwater to investigate suspicious activity.


After the Tuxedo Clad man ordered him to go to the base, the boat driver drove the boat skillfully through the ocean. After the engine was shot, the driver lost control of the boat as Darrel slammed into it with the RWF speedboat. After the Tuxedo Clad Man was killed, the driver witnessed Limey tackle Emilia into the water. He then jumped onto the RWF boat, engaging Darrel in hand-to-hand combat. The driver only managed to punch Darrel twice before he was punched over the bowe of the boat, into a spinning propeller where he met a gruesome death.