Unknown Peruvian Rebel (Skirmish on Highway 1E)
NATO Operative
Main Information
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Home Country Peru
Rank Leader
Nationality Peruvian
Race Hispanic
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Skin Color Tan
Height 5'9"
Weight 177 lbs.
Combat Info
Weapons MP5 Navy, Glock 17, Combat Knife
Equipment Radio
Confirmed Kills 1 New 3rd Reich Soldier
Final Info
Status Alive
Killed By N/A
Cause of Death N/A
The Peruvian Rebel of Highway 1E (??? - ???) was a rebel leader of NATO sided North Peru.

Life Before World War 3Edit

Much is unkown about the officer's life, other than he was a staunch supporter of NATO.

Combat in World War 3Edit

He was present in the Skirmish on Highway 1E, where he was trying to set up a roadblock on the highway. It was unsucessful when Waffen Squad 8 led by Clarissa McKnight arrived. He and his soldiers attempted to fight of the enemy, but were unsucessful. After losing 12 men, he ordered a retreat, and hasn't been seen since.