Unified Waterborne Strongholds
WaterborneFlagThe UWS Flag.
Rebel Nation
Societal Information
Nation Type Democracy/Monarchy
Leader Matthias Waterborne
Capital Depthreacher Base
Population Close to 200,000
Official Language English
Currency Waterborne Coins
State Religious Body Various
Holiday Various
Military Information
Armed Forces Waterborne Army
Naval Forces Waterborne Navy
Air Forces Waterborne Airforce
Defense Forces Waterborne Defense Forces
Special Forces Dolphin Squadron

Waterborne Commandos

Historical Information
Formed From The Waterbornes
Date Established 701 ADD
Date Fragmented  ???
Date Reorganized  ???
Date Dissolved  ???
Era Waterborne Era

The Unified Waterborne Strongholds are a nation established after the fall of the Waterbornes. They are the many strongholds of the Waterbornes unified into one nation.


The nation is located primarily in the remains of North America. The strongholds vary from location, but some are as far north as Saskatchewan, and others as far south as Cuba. Notable strong holds include the Depthreacher Base, which is an underwater base off the coast of southern Florida, and the Mountain Gorge holdout, a holdout in gorge in Montana.

Known Stronghold LocationsEdit


Secession from the PanemEdit

After the Waterborne Holocaust, most of the Waterbornes were thought to have been killed. Unknown to the Capitol, a great deal of them survived, and formed strongholds in the wilderness.

Even though the Capitol found some of these strongholds and obliterated them, a great deal of them remained hidden. 

The strongholds unified and seceded from Panem, becoming an independent nation. Matthias Waterborne, nephew to the former Arthur Waterborne took the throne of the nation, leading it fair and just, in a fight against the Capitol.

War of the WaterbornesEdit

The War of the Waterbornes began when a group of Waterborne soldiers from the Mountain Gorge Stronghold raided District 5, causing destruction. President De Leone called the raid an act of terrorism, and declared war on the UWS, starting a long and bloody war.



Several soldiers in the Waterborne Army

The UWS is made up of four branches of military, though it isn't uncommon for the branches to team up sometimes and work together to achieve a battle (such as the Army and Airforce creating a joint attack).

Of each branch, they have their own ranks and squads, with some squads being more revered than others. 

Although the capitol's military was considered superior, the UWS still maintained a good, strong fighting force, one that could defeat even the strongest of forts.

Science and TechnologyEdit

Although most UWS technology was stolen from the Capitol, brilliant minds from the nation have managed to invent some interesting devices. 

The biggest accomplishment of technology was the successful construction of Depthreacher Base, a massive, dome-like city sitting on the ocean floor off the coast of Florida. 

Society and CultureEdit

Most of the customs were carried over from the original Waterbornes family, though this only applied to those born under the Waterborne name, not rebels who joined the UWS cause or the countless hired mercenaries that were apart of the nation.

The appearance of the residents differed greatly, though since the majority of the people were Waterbornes, green eyes and blonde hair were a dominant trait, and were very common.

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