Triton the Brute
TritonBruteMugshot of Triton.
Main Info
Full Name Triton Marco Branchad
Nicknames The Brute
Gender Male
Home District 6, Former Michigan, Panem
Alignment Lawful Evil
Birth Name Triton Marco Branchad
Birth Date October 6th, 672 ADD
Birth Place District 6, Former Michigan, Panem
Death Date Janurary 29th, 704 ADD
Death Place Triton's Home
Cause of Death Stabbed through the neck.
Resting Place Unmarked Grave outside of District 6
Height 6'9" (209 cm.)
Weight 419 lbs. (190 kg)
Race White
Build Giant
Eye Color Silver
Hair Color Bald
Hair Length None
Shirt Size 2XL
Foot Size 15
Waist Size 44
Piercings N/A
Tattoos Snake Pattern on Right Arm
Maximum Load 1250 lbs.
Run Speed 20 km/hr
Swim Speed 2 km/hr
Longest Breathhold  ???
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Guardians N/A
Siblings Unknown
Children N/A
Friends Unknown
Enemies Michiko Arakawa
First Apperance The Assassin's Journel
Last Apperance The Assassin's Journel
Centric Stories N/A
"I'm gonna make you suffer little girl!"
―Triton taunting Michiko before their fight.[src]
Triton the Brute was a male giant who lived in District 6. He was an antagonist of the Assassin's Journal, being Michiko's fifth target on her hit list.


Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Triton's earlier years, other than he was born in District 6. His size often got him into trouble, and it didn't take long for him to become a well known thug.

Bad Blood with a MentorEdit

Triton had bad blood with Michiko's mentor, being a former crook for him. Knowing too many secrets, Triton was put on Michiko's hit list by her mentor, so her mentor's secrets could be kept safe.

Fight with MichikoEdit

Triton was at his residence when he fought Michiko, who had managed to slip in with the cover of darkness. Triton threatened Michiko and gave her one last chance to leave the house. When she didn't leave, Triton grabbed his baseball bat from the wall, and began to attack Michiko.

Although his blows were very powerful, Triton was unable to hit the quick Michiko, who kept on avoiding his swings. After closing the gap, Michiko slashed open Triton's torso, spilling blood onto the floor. Being rather tough, Triton resisted the pain, instead grabbing his baseball bat and pressing it against Michiko's throat to garrote her.


Laughing as he began to crush Michiko's wind pipe with his bat, Triton arrogantly complimented himself, saying it would take more than a wimpy knife to kill him. He was taken aback however when he failed to notice a hidden blade enter his throat.

Releasing Michiko and falling to his kness, Triton pulled the knife out his neck. As blood spurted from the fatal wound, Triton fell face-down to the floor, his life coming to an end.


Triton had left Michiko with a nearly crushed windpipe. It took weeks for Michiko to be able to breathe normally again as a result. He was later buried in an unmarked grave outside the fence of the district.


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