The Skirmish on Highway 1E was a minor battle of World War 3 between NATO and the New 3rd Reich.


On Feburary 1st, a few Peruvian rebels were setting up a roadblock to prevent reinforcements of the New 3rd Reich from reaching La Yarada. At around 10:52 AM, the 8th Waffen Division led by Clarissa McKnight encountered the rebels, and brief firefight began.

The BattleEdit

Peruvian rebels attempted to chase off the 8th division, but their small arms fire was unable to pentrate the vehicles of the Waffen division. After a strong return fire, the Peruvian rebels retreated into the shrubbery, their roadblock attempt failing. Only 2 SS soldiers were killed, as opposed to the 12 Rebels killed.


After the encounter, the 8th Waffen Division headed into La Yarada, leaving the dead behind.

Known CasualtiesEdit

Known SurvivorsEdit

Clarissa McKnight: Successfully repelled attack and continued on to fight at La Yarada.

Unknown Peruvian Rebel: Managed to escape before getting killed.

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