The Skirmish near District 8 was a small skirmish near District 8 between a waterborne holdout and the peacekeepers of District 8.


Morgan Waterborne gathered an amount of Waterbornes, sailing from District 4 on boat north to the coast of what was once Massachussettes. They lived off the land and built a decent village, and planned to one day take District 8.

The BattleEdit

Peacekeepers discovered the holdout when gatherers from District 8 reported "a village on the coast to the north". A task force of around 345 peacekeepers marched into the holdout, guns blazing. It was a curb stomp, as 53 Waterbornes were killed within 10 minutes opposed to the peacekeepers small lossess of 7 peacekeepers.


After the battle, the final 3 Waterbornes were executed on television to warn any other Waterborne holdouts that the capitol would always find them.

Known CasualtiesEdit

Morgan Waterborne: Butchered a peacekeeper with a machete before being gunned down trying to jump into the ocean.

Known SurvivorsEdit

No one survived.