The Siege of the Capitol was a botched attempt to siege the Capitol by the remaining Waterbornes by Viktor Waterborne and his right hand girl Nikki Waterborne .


Nikki Waterborne met up with Viktor Waterborne, both amassing forces to surround the capitol for a siege. Nikki planned to infiltrate the capitol through a sewer system and poison their food supplies while viktor placed the city under lockdown.

The BattleEdit

Nikki failed to infiltrate the capitol, getting trapped and drowning in the capitol sewer. The capitol then poured out thousands of troops which overran Viktor's forces. Forced to retreat back to District 1, Viktor's war drew closer to it's end.


After the battle, Viktor found out District 1 was overtaken by vengeful citizens and General Amistad's forces, starting the Second Battle of the District 1 Waterborne Stronghold.

Known CasualtiesEdit

Nikki Waterborne: Caught in drowning trap, drowned in Capitol sewer.

Known SurvivorsEdit

Viktor survived and retreated.