A sickle as it appears in the Hunger Games.
A tool used for harvesting crops, it's curved, sharp blade can be very effective at slashing.

Sickles are common weapons that are around and inside the cornucopia. Preferred by District 11 and District 9 tributes due to their farming backgrounds, sickles are well-rounded weapons that can be a good alternative to the common knife.

412th Hunger GamesEdit

Sickles were common in the 412th Hunger Games, normally only found around the cornucopia.

Yuri Harris used a sickle during the games. He used the weapon scarcely, the one occasion he used it was when he killed Carl Hoges.

699th Hunger GamesEdit

Hayden Zarate used two sickles in his fight against The Headtaker, showing a great amount of skill with the two weapons, able to match the Headtaker in combat for a good while. Though he fought bravely, Hayden was eventually struck down, his sickles lost in the arena.

Characters who have used scythes.Edit

These are all the characters who have ever wielded a scythe.

  • Yuri Harris
  • Hayden Zarate

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