Rutherford Branchoff Bills
Established 1021 ADD
Play in Rutherford Branchoff, Former New York, Panem
League/Conference affiliations

Panem Football League (1021 ADD–present)

Team colors Blue, Red, White
Owner Unknown
Chairman Unknown
General Manager Unknown
Head Coach Unknown
Team history
  • Rutherford Branchoff Bills (1021 ADD–present)
Panem Bowl Championships (1)


Conference Championships (1)


Playoff Appearances (2)

1022, 1023

Home fields

Orchard Park

The Rutherford Branchoff Bills are a Panem Football team based in the Rutherford Branchoff. The Bills compete in the Panem Football League (PFL), as a member of the GFC East. The Dolphins franchise have won a single PFL Championship game.

Franchise historyEdit

New Era

Joining the league as part of the expansion, the Rutherford Branchoff bills didn't have too much success, only getting a poor 4-12 record. Despite that, they rose from the ashes of their previous season, using wise draft picks and decisive signings. They made the wildcard round with a 10-6 record, although they were beaten to the pulp by the District 19 Coyotes.

After the playoff apperance, the 1023 season would be one for change. The Bills did terrible, having a losing record of 7-8-1. However, they still won their conference, the powerhouse sailors having a down year and finishing with a worse record.

Despite being the only playoff team with a losing record, the Bills managed to sneak a win in the wildcard round, upsetting the favored Buccanneers. Their playoff success continued on into the divisional round, where they avenged their previous playoff loss against the Coyotes.

Finding themselves in the conference championship, many still underestimated the bills despite their previous wins. They went up against the Patriots, and in one of the biggest playoff shootouts, the Bills defeated them, advancing to their first ever Panem Bowl.

They went up against the District 4 Dolphins in Panem Bowl VII. Pitting a strong run defense against one of the best rushing attacks in the league, the Super Bowl was looking to be a close one. 

Down by a field goal late in the fourth quarter, Bills quarterback Drew Brees led his team down the field, capping off an 80 yard drive with a 7 yard pass to James Winston, giving the Biils the lead again.

Unable to use their strong run game due to the clock being worn down, the Dolphins were forced to pass. Their quarterback, too used to being carried by the run game, was unable to pass well. After barely crossing the 50, Dolphin's quarterback Brock Osweiler threw an interception, effectively winning Panem Bowl VII for the Bills.

Season by Season ScheduleEdit


Final Record: 4-12 (1-5 Division)

Division Finish: 4th out of 4

Awards: None


Final Record: 10-6 (3-3 Division)

Division Finish: 2nd out of 4

Awards: None

Regular seasonEdit

Week Opponent Result Record
1 District 10 Texans L 21–6 0-1
2 at District 11 Falcons W 24–20 1–1
3 New Brunswick Branchoff Bandits L 31–24 1–2
4 District 0 Seahawks W 35–24 2–2
5 District 8 Sailors W 14–10 3–2
6 Desert Branchoff Cardinals W 27–21 4–2
7 at District 7 Wolves L 14–17(OT) 4–3
8 at District 5 Colts L 28–20 4–4
9 at District 12 49'ers L 3–12 4–5
10 District 7 Wolves L 42–28 4–6
11 Bye week
12 at New Brunswick Branchoff Bandits W 3–33 5–6
13 at District 2 Patriots W 20–21 6–6
14 Upper Coast Branchoff Chinooks W 14–21 7–6
15 District 14 Chargers W 31–6 8–6
16 at District 18 Lobos W 38–21 9–6
17 District 8 Sailors W 21–10 10–6
Note: Intra-division opponents are in bold text.


Playoff round Opponent Result Record
Wildcard Coyotes (3) L 28–14 0-1


Final Record: 7-8-1 (4-2 Division)

Division Finish: 1st out of 4

Awards: Clutch Player of the Year (Winston), Panem Bowl MVP (Brees)

Regular seasonEdit

Week Opponent Result Record
1 District 7 Wolves L 21–3 0-1
2 at District 13 Buccaneers L 27–12 0–2
3 Gulf Branchoff Saints W 31–24 1–2
4 District 8 Sailors L 35–27 1–3
5 District 15 Bears W 12–7 2–3
6 Bye week
7 District 8 Sailors W 21–10 3–3
8 at New Brunswick Branchoff Bandits W 14–17(OT) 4–3
9 at District 20 Marlins L 28–24 4–4
10 at District 9 Chiefs L 28–3 4–5
11 District 0 Seahawks L 42–28 4–6
12 at District 7 Wolves W 21–27 5–6
13 at District 11 Falcons L 45–21 5–7
14 West Capitol Broncos T 14–14 5–7–1
15 District 10 Texans L 31–22 6–7–1
16 at District 3 Lions L 38–30 6–8–1
17 New Brunswick Branchoff Bandits W 16–10(OT) 7–8–1
Note: Intra-division opponents are in bold text.


Playoff round Opponent Result Record
Wildcard Buccaneers (5) W 34–24 1-0
Divisional Coyotes (2) W 16–24 2-0
UFC Championship Patriots (6) W 54–49 3-0
Panem Bowl VII Dolphins (1) W 28–24 4-0

Notable playersEdit


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