Ramirez Waterborne
Chaotic Evil Character
Member of the Waterborne Milita
Born in District 4
Basic Statistics
Gender Male
District 4
Age 26
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'11
Weight 184 lbs.
Build Average
Final Info
Status Deceased
Killed By The Waters of the Gulf of Mexico
Cause of Death Impact on Water
"Ramirez... he drowned some girl in training to see her die. Thankfully CPR brought her back and Ramirez was sent to jail."
―Bridgett explaining Ramirez.[src]
Ramirez Waterborne was a vile soldier in the Waterborne milita known for killing civillians.

Early LifeEdit

Ramirez's parents were unknown, and much of his early life is unknown. 

Service to the WaterbornesEdit

At age 26, Ramirez joined the Waterborne Uprising. He wasn't in it to avenge Christopher though, he just wanted to kill people. 

He participated in the Liberation of District 4. In it he killed 3 civillians, including the Mayor of the district, Mandy Feish. Halfway through the battle he was knocked out by a baton-wielding peacekeeper, keeping out of the rest of the fight.


Ramirez was present during Operation Gulf Raid. He was stationed Light 2. He manned the chopper gunner, and when the pilot strafed down, instead of shooting the peacekeepers, he targeted the unarmed maintence workers. He shot up a dozen, killing all of them. 

Karma caught up to Ramirez when the helicopter was shot. He was the first to go as the helicopter shook him out of the gunner's door, sending him plummeting 40 feet into the ocean, where he was either killed on impact or drowned shortly after.