President Typhoon
Presidents of Panem
Lawful Evil
Casualty of the Second Era
Basic Statistics
Gender Male
District Capitol
Age Mid fifties
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Bald
Height 6'6"
Weight 199 lbs.
Build Tall and Skinny
Final Info
Status Deceased
Killed By Dawn Pyres
Cause of Death Beheaded from behind.
"Waterbornes? I want them to be hunted to extinction, no exceptions."
―The President to his loyal General Amistad.[src]
President Typhoon (simply referred to as The President) was a man of about 54 years of age. His eldest son, De Leone, became the president in 1 SE, after his father's death to the rogue victor Dawn Pyres.

Pre-Second EraEdit

President Typhoon was born 54 years before the events of the 700th Games, which means he was born around 646 ADD. His father President Mavlius orchestrated a surprise bombing after an upset pulled of by District 7 in the 678th Hunger Games, which got him killed by assassins. At 679 ADD, Typhoon became President of Panem.

Waterborne UprisingEdit

President Typhoon spearheaded the attacks on the Waterborne Holdouts, and was the main man behind the squads sent to find and kill anyone waterbornes left. After all of the waterbornes in the 701st Games died, he called off the hunt, but still kept a watchful eye for any Waterbornes who might have hidden.


President Typhoon was killed August 1st, SE 1, when Dawn Pyres decapitated him from behind with a smuggled sword. After his death, his much more massochistic son, De Leone, took the throne of Panem, planning on using his pleasure of peoples pain to avenge his father.