Peacekeeping Force
PanemMilitaryThe Peacekeeper Force insignia.
Infantry Forces
General Information
Organization Type Military
Founder Unknown First President
Leader(s) General Tiberius Veers (Waterborne Era)

General Hans Gruden (Galluci Era)

Members Combatants

and thousands more.

Headquarters The Capitol
Historical Information
Formed From Unknown
Date Established Before the Dark Days
Date Fragmented 75 ADD
Date Reorganized 304 ADD
Date Dissolved Unknown
Era All Eras
Other Information
Affiliation Panem
The Peacekeeping Force is the primary combat force of the nation of Panem. They are responsible for main ground invasions and infantry attacks on land. They are the largest of Panem's Military Forces. 


The Peacekeeping force was founded some time before the Dark Days. They saw a lot of combat fighting the Districts in the First Rebellion, their superior training and technology allowing them to win significantly more battles.

They also fought in the Second Rebellion, this time losing more than winning. Although they were eventually defeated and fragmented, they were reorganized in 304 ADD, when a capitolite leader turned war on the now ruling Districts in the largest scale war up to that point.

After many losses of life on both sides, the Peacekeeping Force managed to deliver the final blow, sending District 13 into a complete mess. After some fire bombing by the Hovercraft Air Force, they Peacekeepers charged in, and took the district.

The Capitol was back in power, and District 13 was stripped of it's former title of being the capital of Panem. The peacekeepers didn't see major conflict until 701 ADD, when a powerful family known as the Waterbornes rebelled and seceded from Panem.


The Peacekeepers were formed from recruiting of loyal districts and drafting of capitol citizens. They were often trained hard.

Command structureEdit

The Peacekeeper force had a simple command structure differing from the Hovercraft Air Force:

  • Private: The common grunts of a squad. They made up the bulk of the Peacekeeping Force.
  • Corporal: Higher ranking than privates, they were second-in-command in a squad of nine troops. They were usually the right hand man of the sergeant.
  • Sergeant: Above Corporal, Seargents commanded a squad of 9 troopers.
  • Lieutenant: Above Seargents, they commanded a platoon that consisted of 4 squads (36 troops).
  • Captain: Commanded a company that was made up of 4 platoons (144 troops) .
  • Major: Commanded a battalion composed of 4 companies (576 troops).
  • Colonel: Commanded a regiment that was made up of 4 battalions (2,304 troops). Occasionally commanded brigades which was composed of 4 regiments (9,216 troops). 
  • General: Commanded the entire peacekeeper force.


When in major battles the Alliance was known to utilize several different vehicles and military equipment. Some of them were from the Clone Wars era.







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