The Panem Football League (PFL) is a football league consisting of 18 teams, divided equally between the PFL West and the PFL East. The PFL's 17-week regular season runs from the week after Labor Day to the week after Christmas, with each team playing 16 games and having one bye week. Following the conclusion of the regular season, six teams from each conference (four division winners and two wild card teams) advance to the playoffs, a single-elimination tournament culminating in the Panem Bowl, played between the champions of the East and West.

The PFL was formed in 1016.  Today, the PFL has the second highest average attendance (first being the Hunger Games) of any professional sports league in Panem. The Panem Bowl is among the biggest club sporting events in the world and individual Panem Bowl games account for many of the most watched television programs in Panemian history.

The team with the most Panem Bowl championships is the District 2 Patriots with two. The current PFL champions are the District 2 Patriots, who defeated the District 1 Rams 16–10 in Panem Bowl 3.

Original EraEdit

These were the original 18 teams of the original era, from PFL seasons 1 through 5.

East ConferenceEdit

District 8 Sailors
District 12 49'ers
District 3 Lions
District 11 Falcons
District 6 Jets
[a]East Capitol Eagles
District 10 Texans
District 13 Buccaneers
[b]District 2 Patriots

Western ConferenceEdit

District 1 Rams
[a]West Capitol Broncos

District 14 Chargers

District 5 Colts
District 0 Seahawks
District 15 Bears
[b]District 4 Dolphins
District 9 Chiefs
District 7 Wolves

[a]: The Capitol is so large it needed two teams.

[b]: The Dolphins being placed in the west and Patriots in the east is due to the rivalries.

New EraEdit

These were the total 32 teams of the new Era, with some expansions being added to larger branch off settelements. They were aligned into divisions regarding their location in Panem.

GFC (Global Football Conference)Edit

GFC NorthEdit

Team Location
District 3 Lions District 3, Former Michigan
District 6 Jets District 6, Former Ohio
Pinewood Branchoff Colonels Former Wisconsin
Great Lake Branchoff Jacks Former Michigan

GFC SouthEdit

Team Location
District 11 Falcons District 11, Former Alabama
District 12 49'ers District 12, Former Tennessee
Gulf Branchoff Saints Former Louisiana
Panhandle Branchoff Vampires Former Oklahoma

GFC EastEdit

Team Location
Coastal Branchoff Panthers Former North Carolina
District 4 Dolphins District 4, Former Florida
District 20 Marlins Former Cuba
Georgian Branchoff Hawks Former Georgia

GFC WestEdit

Team Location
West Capitol Broncos District 3, Former Montana
District 9 Chiefs District 6, Former Kansas
District 1 Rams District 1, Former California
Desert Branchoff Cardinals Former Arizona

UFC (Universal Football Conference)Edit

UFC NorthEdit

Team Location
District 0 Seahawks District 0, Former Alaska
District 15 Bears District 15, Former British-Columbia
District 5 Colts District 5, Former Idaho
Upper Coast Branchoff Chinooks Former Washington

UFC SouthEdit

Team Location
District 10 Texans District 10, Former Texas
District 13 Buccaneers District 13, Former West Virginia
District 18 Lobos District 18, Former Mexico
River Branchoff Huntsmen Former Mississippi

UFC EastEdit

Team Location
District 8 Sailors District 8, Former New York
Rutherford Branchoff Bills Former New York
New Brunswick Branchoff Bandits Former New Brunswick
District 7 Wolves District 7, Former Minnesota

UFC WestEdit

Team Location
East Capitol Eagles District 3, Former Montana
District 2 Patriots District 6, Former Colorado
District 14 Chargers District 14, Former Hawaii
District 19 Coyotes District 19, Former New Mexico

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