The Panem Basketball Association (PBA) is a basketball league consisting of 28 teams, divided equally between the PBA West and the PBA East. The PBA's 84-week regular season runs from the week after the Panem Bowl to the week after the Summer Solstice, with each team playing 82 games and having two bye weeks. Following the conclusion of the regular season, eight teams from each conference advance to the playoffs, a single-elimination tournament culminating in the PBA Finals, played between the champions of the East and West.

The PBA was formed in 1016 alongside the PFL.  Today, the PBA has the third highest average attendance (first being the Hunger Games and second the Panem Football League) of any professional sports league in Panem. The PBA Finals are among the biggest club sporting events in the world.

The team with the most PBA championships is the District 2 Warriors with three. The current PBA champions are the District 6 Pistons, who defeated the District 3 Engineers 96–104 in PBA 5.

East ConferenceEdit

District 12 Gulls
District 11 Bengals
District 10 Razorbacks
District 8 Knicks
District 7 Grizzlies 
District 6 Pistons
District 3 Engineers
District 4 Magic
District 2 Warriors
District 1 Jaguars
East Capitol Mountaineers
District 14 Wolfpack
Panhandle Branchoff Thunder
District 13 Bucks

Western ConferenceEdit

District 9 Cornhuskers
District 5 Trailblazers
West Capitol Cavaliers
New Brunswick Branchoff Huskies
District 18 Pioneers
District 19 Vipers
District 20 Hawks
Rutherford Branchoff Nets
River Branchoff Aggies
Upper Coast Branchoff Chinooks
District 0 Sherpas
District 15 Lumberjacks
Desert Branchoff Cacti
Gulf Branchoff Seagulls


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