"Terror hits you hard when your trapped in a helicopter many feet underwater, far from air."
Operation Gulf Raid was an operation following the Liberation of District 4. It led to Capitol knowledge of District 4's takeover and preparation for an invasion and Waterborne holocaust.


21 Waterborne commandos were loaded up into 3 helicopters at around 5:46 AM to launch a dawn attack on the base. 

The BattleEdit

After arriving, the 3 helicopters began to do strafe runs. One gunboat was destroyed by Light 1 and 12 maintence workers killed by Light 2 gunner Ramirez Waterborne. Light 3 attempted to land troops in the base, but the parachuting commandos were shot as they jumped from Light 3. Light 1 and Light 2 continued to shoot at the base, when an anti air missile struck Light 2,

Light 2 plummetted into the ocean, killing 5 of the 7 on board instantly. Light 3 was later shot down as well, leaving only Light 1 still flying. A capitol marksman shot the pilot and co pilot of Light 1, causing it to plummet on the beach and explode, killing everyone on board but a sole commando .


The loss was devastating for the Waterbornes, and when word returned to Arthur, he was in a state of distress. The attack on the base alerted the Capitol that they didn't own District 4, beginning the downfall of the Waterbornes.

Known CasualtiesEdit

Bridgett Waterborne: Drowned trying to escape the sunken Light 2. 

Ramirez Waterborne: Fell out of helicopter and either died on impact with ocean or drowned after impact.

Jon Waterborne: Killed instantly when Light 2 crashed.

Known SurvivorsEdit

Amlyn Waterborne: Survived crash of Light 2 and escaped drowning. One of the only two survivors of the operation.