Lawful Neutral
Deceased Character
Member of Rebel Waterbased Forces
Basic Statistics
Gender Female
District Born in 3, resided in 14.
Age 26 (at death)
Eye Color Pale Green
Hair Color Black
Height 5'4
Weight 112 lbs.
Build Small and Skinny
Game's Information
Final Placing N/A
Killed By Female DLM Scuba Diver
"Olivia's gone. She drowned out."
―Emilia after Olivia's death.[src]
Olivia was born in District 3. She moved to District 14 after she turned 18 and became an RWF member soon after.

DLM Cavern InfiltrationEdit

Olivia was one of the 7 members of the RWF who took apart in the De Leone Mercenary Cavern Infiltration. She was introduced to the new leader of the RWF, Emilia, before choosing equipment. She wore a black bikini, blue swim fins, and dark blue swim mask. She carried a water dagger strapped to her leg as well. She wore these during the mission, plus scuba gear so she could breathe underwater.


Olivia brought up the rear of the 6 who went scuba diving to infiltrate the base. After moving into the caverns, Olivia watched Emilia take out a DLM diver, before moving on to another passage. There, they encountered 2 more DLM divers. One of them shot a harpoon into Olivia's leg, which went all the way through and busted her air tank on her back, rendering her unable to breathe. Emilia tried to bring her to the surface, but after screaming all of her air out in pain and inhaling too much water in a panic, Olivia eventually drowned.


  • She's the first named RWF member to die.