Northern Arizona Stronghold Defense Force
General Information
Type Defense Unit
Commander John Waterborne
Forces Total 150-250 Soldiers
Notable Soldiers Julio Jones
Historical Information
  • Battle of the Northern Arizona Holdout
  • Battle of Dawson Creek
  • Formed From N/A
    Date Established 701 ADD
    Date Fragmented N/A
    Date Reorganized N/A
    Date Dissolved N/A
    Era Waterborne Era
    The Northern Arizona Stronghold Defense Force (abbreviated NASDF) were the main defending forces of the Northern Arizona Stronghold.


    After the building of the Northern Arizona Stronghold, John Waterborne gathered the most able fighters of his group and formed the NASDF. 

    While they mostly fended off predators of the Arizona desert, the troops of the NASDF saw their first real combat in the Battle of the Northern Arizona Holdout.

    The outnumbered NASDF troopers managed to defend the holdout with great efficiency against the Cobalt Wolves, who at that point were considered "unstoppable".

    Despite their best efforts of defense, the remaining troops found themselves holded up in the Government building. Unwilling to surrender, John ordered his troopers to make a final stand, and to kill as many enemy soldiers as possible.

    However, hope emerged when at sunrise, it was discovered reinforcements had been sent from the Southern Utah Stronghold, and that the Southern Utah Stronghold Defense Force had surrounded the entire attacking force.

    Working togehter, the NASDF and SUSDF managed to force the Cobalt Wolves and Hydromane Royal Guard to retreat from the area.

    The combined forces pursued the enemies up north all the way to the border of Arizona and Utah, where the enemies made a final stand at Dawson Creek.

    The battle was ferocious, and many troopers were gunned down. The entire Capitol force was killed, and the casualties for the NASDF and SUSDF were severe. 

    Training and equipmentEdit

    Although their ranks were few and they possessed some of the more primitive weaponry and armor, NASDF operatives were generally respected as soldiers. They were trained in firearms by former peacekeeper and later mercenary, Michael Reye, and became quiet skilled with guns. Along with their former waterborne training, the soldiers were normally athletic and strong.

    Soldier specializationsEdit

    Elite unitsEdit

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