Northern Arizona Stronghold
NorthernArizonaStrongholdThe Stronghold
Controlled by the UWS
Societal Information
Settlement Type Stronghold
Trade None
Leader John Waterborne
Population 150-215
Official Language English
Local Defenses NASDF
Geographical Information
Location Former Arizona, Panem
Climate Cold Semi-Arid
Elevation 4,117 Feet
Major Water Bodies Lake Powell
Historical Information
Date Established 701 ADD
Date Fragmented N/A
Date Reorganized N/A
Date Dissolved N/A
Era Waterborne Era
The Northern Arizona Stronghold was a Waterborne stronghold located in Northern Arizona. The stronghold later became a part of the Unified Waterborne Strongholds, joining the cause to take out the Capitol.


Founding of the StrongholdEdit

After the Waterborne Holocaust began, John Waterborne managed to gather around 100 Waterbornes and 50 mercenaries to escape District 4. They fought their way out of District 4, and stole several Capitol vehicles, following the sun to the unknown west.

John and his gathering travelel for five days, reaching a dry desert mountain. He decided that this would be the best place to restart the family, and soon a stronghold was built.

War of the WaterbornesEdit

After the War of the Waterbornes began in late 703 ADD, the Northern Arizona Stronghold unified with surrounding strongholds, forming the UWS. Being one of the bigger strongholds, it held importance in the Western Theater of the war.

The war reached the stronghold, when around a thousand soldiers of the Cobalt Wolves sieged the stronghold. Do to it's location on a spiraling mountain, the outnumbered Waterbornes were able to defend their stronghold, standing strong against the attacking Capitol. 

The stronghold managed to fend off the invaders long enough for reinforcements from the closest stronghold, the Southern Utah Stronghold, to arrive. Sandwiched between the Utah and Arizona forces, the Cobalt Wolves quickly retreated to Dawes Creek, where the bloodiest battle to that point occured.

After their victory, several of the veteran combatants joined the ranks of the UWS Armed Forces, an attempt to bolster up enough numbers to take on the capitol. 


As the name suggests, the stronghold was located in Northern Arizona, near the border of Utah, allowing an easy connection with the neighboring Southern Utah stronghold.

What was interesting about the stronghold was it's location on a spiral mountain, which acted as a watch tower over the surrounding desert. 

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