Michiko's Second Victim
DrunkPeakeeperThe peacekeeper shortly after being fired.
Main Info
Full Name Unknown
Nicknames The Brute
Gender Male
Home District 6, Former Michigan, Panem
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Birth Name Unknown
Birth Date Unknown
Birth Place Unknown
Death Date December 15th, 703 ADD
Death Place District 6
Cause of Death Throat slit.
Resting Place Unmarked Grave outside of District 6
Height 6'1" (185 cm.)
Weight 155 lbs. (70 kg)
Race White
Build Thin
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Grey
Hair Length Very Short
Shirt Size M
Foot Size 11
Waist Size 32
Piercings N/A
Tattoos N/A
Maximum Load  ???
Run Speed  ???
Swim Speed  ???
Longest Breathhold  ???
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Guardians N/A
Siblings Unknown
Children N/A
Friends Unknown
Enemies Michiko Arakawa, Michiko's Mentor
First Apperance The Assassin's Journel
Last Apperance The Assassin's Journel
Centric Stories N/A
"Go ahead, end it. It would do me some good."
―The victim shortly before Michiko kills him.[src]
Michiko's Second Victim was a male former peacekeeper who lived in District 6. He was an antagonist of the Assassin's Journal, being Michiko's second target on her hit list.


Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about the man's earlier years, other than he was born in District 6. He somehow became a peacekeeper in his younger years.

Bad Blood with a MentorEdit

The man had stupidly pissed off Michiko and her mentor, evicting the duo for no specific reason. However, this act didn't go unpunished, as when the peacekeeping force found out, they fired him. Without a job, the man lived as a hobo on the streets, who used what little money he had on alchohol.


Drunk and freezing in the cold District 6 winter, the man saw a figure approach him in the dead of night. After seeing the figure draw a blade, the man dared the attacker to kill him, that it would actually do him good. His killer took pity on him, killing the man quickly by slitting his throat.


Michiko felt bad after killing the man, feeling pity for the poor man, being one of her few victims that she did mind killing. He was later buried in an unmarked grave outside the fence of the district.


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