Mandy Feish
Neutral Good Character
Member of the District 4 Council
Born in District 4
Basic Statistics
Gender Female
District 4
Age 28
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'9
Weight 150 lbs.
Build Curvy
Final Info
Status Deceased
Killed By Ramirez Waterborne
Cause of Death Drowning
"Someone! Helpb-bbpl..."
―Mandy's last words, garbled by water.[src]
Mandy Feish (known also as Mayor Feish) was the Mayor of District 4 from 694 ADD-700 ADD. 

Early LifeEdit

Mandy was born to rich parents and was the sister of two older brothers and one younger sister. At the age of 5 her parents were killed in a car accident. The eldest brother who was 18 became the mayor, and raised Mandy and her other siblings.

Becoming a MayorEdit

After the second eldest brother fought as a career tribute during the 688th Hunger Games and died on the semi-final day, Mandy became worried. At the age of 22, her brother was assassinated by rebel conspirators, and Mandy inherited the title of Mayor. She ruled for 6 years.


During the Liberation of District 4, Mandy tried to restore order to the chaos. Ramirez Waterborne saw her, gunning down her husband and younger sister then savagely beating Mandy to where she couldn't fight anymore. He then dragged the weakened mayor to a nearby pool, shoving her under the water to give her a slow, agonizing death. She held her breath for as long as she could, but eventually her need for air was too strong, and she finally drowned. After her death, the Feish family line was ended, meaning the new mayor would be elected by the district.

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