"Christopher should've won the 700th Games. He'd skillfully taken out 8 tributes by himself, and had the final one nearly dead. But the CAPITOL thought otherwise. It's time we do something about it."
―Arthur rallying his family to go to war.[src]
The Liberation of District 4 was the first battle of the Waterborne Uprising that led to the complete takeover of District 4 by the Waterbornes family. 


"Most of us agreed to his plan. I didn't. Arthur had everyone old enough to fire a gun immediately suited up. I was sent into a squad, dressed in camouflaged t-shirt and coarse camo pants, tied down with combat boots. My hair was tied in a long ponytail, and in my hands I held an assault rifle. "Why am I doing this?" I thought to myself. This task could possibly kill me."
―Amlyn Waterborne before the battle.[src]
After witnessing the unfair death of Christopher Waterborne in the 700th Annual Hunger Games, Arthur rallied his family around to declare war on the capitol. Gathering anyone who could shoot a firearm, he handed uniforms out and hired mercenaries to assist in the takeover of the district.

Waterborne soldiers then suited up and boarded on a variety of vehicles. The vehicles rode to the Peacekeeper Barracks and Central Station, when the Waterbornes opened fire on the sleeping peacekeepers.

The BattleEdit

"The peacekeeper barracks are in flames. Let's set this place on them too!"
―Viktor Waterborne[src]
The Peacekeeper barracks were taken over almost instantly as Waterborne forces stormed the building. Almost all peacekeepers were asleep and unable to act as they were shot to pieces in their beds. Waterbornes set fire to the building as peacekeepers stationed in the neighboring Central Station sounded an air siren to warn any capitol agents of danger.

Waterborne forces overwhelmed the peacekeepers on the ground floor of Central Station, killing anyone stationed there. They then lit molotov cocktails and threw them on the second floor, burning anymore peacekeepers hiding there. After burning both buildings, the few surviving peacekeepers were taken prisoner, to be interrogated by Arthur for locations of any nearby capitol supply caches.


"I was sitting alone that night, trying to overcome the stress from the event. Everyone else was in the grand dining hall, partying up a storm, as we now controlled District 4. Our casualties were small compared to the capitol force. I knew the victory was short lived... we couldn't war with a nation like the capitol. No one else, not even Bridgett, could say the same."
―Amlyn Waterborne after the battle.[src]
After the battle, the waterbornes celebrated their victory, and Arthur interrogated the captured prisoners. Viktor Waterborne began planning an attack when information was given that a capitol supply cache was located on the south coast of Alabama. This success led to Operation Gulf Raid the next morning.

The district was shocked at the sudden takeover. Fearful of the waterbornes, no one spoke up. No Capitol Agents escaped District 4, and any capitol control vanished. The few loyalists were killed in the battle. 12 civillians were killed, including Mandy Feish, the mayor of the district.