The Knife as it appears in the Hunger Games.
A common, short ranged knife that can be a weapon and a tool.
Cornucopia, Sponsors
Many Hunger Games

Knives (not to be confused with throwing knives or daggers) are a very common weapon found in the Hunger Games, being the most plentiful weapon avalaible. Due to being easy to get and doubling as a tool, knives are some of the most used weapons in the games.

412th Hunger GamesEdit

Knives were extremely common in the 412th Hunger Games, being found anywhere near the cornucopia or in a backpack. The District 12 Female used a knife to fight Yuri Harris. She was dragged into a freshwater spring and drowned, and her knife was left sitting at the bottom of the spring.

Characters who have used Knives.Edit

These are all the characters who have ever wielded a knife.

  • District 12 Female (412th Hunger Games)

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