Julio Jones
Julio JonesJulio Jones in the PFL.
Waterborne Rebel
Panem Football League Player
General Information
Age 28
Race Black
Gender Male
Home District 11 (before the war)

Northern Arizona Stronghold (during the war)

Side Unified Waterborne Strongholds
Height 6'3"
Weight 220 lbs.
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Skin Color Dark
Combat Information
Weapons Used AK-47, Grenades, USP 45
Items Used None
Kills 7 (Capitol Soldiers)

3 (Cobalt Wolves)

Status Deceased
Killed by Unknown Hydromane Royal Guardsman
Date May 27th, 704 ADD
Method Shot multiple times.
Julio Jones was a Panem Football League star and later a rebel of the Unified Waterborne Strongholds


Earlier YearsEdit

Julio was born into a poor family in District 11, where he was forced to work for money just to survive. The capitol was hard on District 11, demanding the crops be harvested faster, and Julio was getting sick of it. 

During his life, scouts discovered Julio's talent and physical attributes would match perfectly for the football team, the District 11 Falcons. Although leniant, Julio signed on when he realized he'd make a lot more money and wouldn't have to work in the fields anymore.

Football CareerEdit

Julio played five seasons for the Falcons, and became one of the best receivers in the Panem Football League. With his talent and the effort of his team, on Julio's fifth season, the Falcons made it to Panem Bowl VII, where they were to play the dynasty of the District 2 Patriots.

Julio was a star of the game, receiving for over 250 yards and making 2 of the teams 4 touchdowns. However, the momentum changed to favor the patriots, and eventually, the Falcons blew their 25 point lead, and the game went into overtime 28-28.

Julio didn't even get the chance to save his team from their fate when the Patriots won the coin toss, and on the ensuing drive scored, winning the game. Angered at the PFL's rules and the sudden incompentence of his team, Julio quit football and left District 11, never wanting to see the district again.

War of the WaterbornesEdit

By the time of the War of the Waterbornes, Julio had been residing in District 1, trying to stay under the radar. When war broke out however, Julio tagged alongside the Waterborne forces, and eventually followed them back to their base of operations, the Northern Arizona Stronghold.

Finding his athleticism great for a soldier, the leader of the stronghold, John Waterborne, allowed Julio to live there as long as he served as a soldier in the local defense group. Julio agreed to John's offer, and soon began to live in the stronghold.

During the Battle of the Northern Arizona Holdout, Julio fought alongside his fellow soldiers in defense of the stronghold. Julio managed to kill several capitol enemies, but when John ordered the remaining Waterbornes to retreat to the government building, Julio was unable to make it, and was shot dead in the streets.


Although Julio died fighting for a cause he didn't really believe in, he left his mark on the friends he had made in the stronghold. He was later buried in the cemetary surrounding the stronghold, not remembered for his impressive talent in football, but for his bravery and valor as a soldier.

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