Joeseph Fischer
JoesephJoeseph shortly after graduating the SS Academy.
Sided with the New Third Reich
SS Combat Diver
Main Information
Gender Male
Age 28
Home Country Germany
Side New Third Reich
Rank Staff Seargent
Nationality German
Race Caucasian
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Skin Color Light
Height 6'6
Weight 260 lbs.
Combat Info
Weapons AK-74, P99, Combat Knife
Equipment Black Wetsuit, Black Dive Mask, Black Fins, Oxygen Tank, Frag Grenades
Confirmed Kills 4
Final Info
Status Alive
Killed By N/A
Cause of Death N/A
Joseph Fischer (December 2nd, 1994 - ???) is a staff seargent in the New Third Reich who served in Operation Sabotage and the Battle of La Yarada.

Life Before World War 3Edit

Joseph was born in Stuttgart, Germany, to a neo-nazi family. Raised harshly in the facist ways, Joeseph was hardwired to be a nazi soldier one day. When Germany joined NATO and not the New Third Reich, Joeseph was disgusted, and bought a plane ticket to Argentina to enlist in the Waffen SS.

After surviving the harsh training, Joeseph emerged as an elite SS agent, becoming a combat diver. Known for his great size and immense loyalty to facism, Joeseph was a force to be reckoned with. 

Combat in World War 3Edit

When World War 3 broke out, Joeseph was stationed in La Yarada, Peru. Upon Clarissa McKnight's arrival, Joeseph was assigned to Clarissa's dive team to sabotage the Panama fleet blockading La Yarada. He fought alongside his comrades, Alicia Morales and four other select divers.

During Operation Sabotage, Joeseph easily killed two NATO divers. After all ships were rigged with explosives, he surfaced with the surviving divers, and reboarded their speed boat. However, two other speed boats began to close in on the SS boat. While Clarissa took out the first one, Joeseph shot the second boat's driver, causing it to flip over and kill everyone on board.

The 3rd boat managed to ram into the SS boat, allowing the NATO troops to cross over into the SS boat. Joeseph took on two sailors and managed to knock them both out with his hand-to-hand combat skills. He threw the unconscious sailors in the water to drown.

After the operation, he suited up into land combat gear, before rushing out and fighting in the Battle of La Yarada.