Jameheigh Wilsin
JameheighJameheigh in Court.
Main Info
Full Name Jameheigh Alex Wilsin
Nicknames Fraud, Tricky Dink
Gender Male
Home District 6, Former Michigan, Panem
Alignment Neutral Evil
Birth Name Jameheigh Alex Wilsin
Birth Date October 6th, 660 ADD
Birth Place District 6, Former Michigan, Panem
Death Date November 9th, 703 ADD
Death Place District 6
Cause of Death Stabbed through the back.
Resting Place Somewhere in District 6
Height 5'11" (180 cm.)
Weight 177 lbs. (80 kg)
Race White
Build Regular
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown (Greying)
Hair Length Receding
Shirt Size L
Foot Size 9
Waist Size 35
Piercings N/A
Tattoos N/A
Maximum Load  ???
Run Speed  ???
Swim Speed  ???
Longest Breathhold  ???
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Guardians N/A
Siblings Unknown
Children N/A
Friends Unknown
Enemies Michiko Arakawa, Michiko's Mentor
First Apperance The Assassin's Journel
Last Apperance The Assassin's Journel
Centric Stories N/A
"He's a fraud. He uses insurance as a scapegoat for money. This district is better off without him."
―Michiko's mentor briefing Michiko on her first target.[src]
Jameheigh Wilsin was a male lawyer who lived in District 6. He was an antagonist of the Assassin's Journal, being Michiko's first target on her hit list.


Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Jameheigh's earlier years, other than he was born in District 6. He went into law school and became a lawyer, before beginning to use insurance fraud for extra money.

Bad Blood with a MentorEdit

Jameheigh had wronged Michiko's mentor, claiming the mentor's insurance as his own. Hating having his money stolen and his object never replaced, the mentor swore to get revenge on Jameheigh. That moment came when the mentor sent his newly appointed assassin, Michiko Arakawa, to take Jameheigh down.


Jameheigh was walking in the District 6 streets, completely unaware that he was about to be slain by an assassin. As he was walking in the crowd, he felt a strong pinch in his back. Upon finding a blade there, Jameheigh fell to the ground, his death rather sudden.


Michiko later became a wanted criminal for Jameheigh's death, indirectly forcing Michiko to wear a mask. He was later buried somewhere in District 6.


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