This is a full list of all items appearing in the games so far.


A double edged weapon with a pointed tip, a sword is a great weapon for stabbing and slashing. Over the course of the games, many tributes used them.

Prominent users: Darya Parr, Ivory Peaks, Max Muzzelle, Linen Moonstone

The swords found in the cornucopia.


A weapon made from a metal prong curved and a wire of string attached, these babies have high power and range.

Prominent Users: Ivory Peak

Swim MaskEdit

Swim Masks (known as goggles or a snorkel) are used not just by tributes, but a lot of people. They first appeared in the 178th Games, where the victor won using one of these. They cover a tribute's face from the nose up, and come in various colors. They allow tributes to see clearly underwater, a feat impossible to the naked eye, and prevent water from going up the nose. Paired well with swimwear and fins.

Prominent Users: Emilia Oswald, Ivory Peaks, Valentina Parr, Scylla Wells, Mikelle Quenton, Victor of the 178th Hunger Games, Idylwyld Freedom Fighters, The Capiitol, The Waterbornes.

178 Victor

The Victor of the 178th Games wearing the most commonly used swim mask.


Swimwear is found in all of Panem. There are two types of swimwear:

Common: Swim trunks and bikinis fall here. Easier to swim in then normal clothing, tributes will often change into these when they're strategy is involved with being in water a lot.

Military: Strictly used by Capitol military. Normally black or blue thermal wetsuits.

Prominent Users: The Capitol, Idylwyld Freedom Fighters, The Waterbornes

  • Common Swimwear
  • Military Swimwear


Fins are used for swimming faster underwater. Combined with swimwear and a swim mask, these become a threat.