"Thousands of peacekeepers came marching in that day."
―Amlyn Waterborne[src]
The Invasion of District 4 was the 3rd battle of the Waterborne Uprising that led to the complete recapture of District 4 by the Capitol.


"Thousands of peacekeepers marched from beyond the fence, hovercrafts were in the skies bombing the areas of the district that was occupied by the waterbornes. "
―Amlyn Waterborne before the battle.[src]
After returning home to District 4, Amlyn Waterborne found herself surrounded in yet another battle. This time however she was on the losing side. She and many Waterborne soldiers and mercenaries prepared for the worst. 

The BattleEdit

"Rally around! Do not let zis mansion fall!"
―Viktor Waterborne[src]
Waterbornes opened fire from rooftops as peacekeepers marched into the district. Intense street fighting began. Waterbornes and Mercenaries were firing from all directions, from rooftops, in fox holes, through the windows and doors of many buildings. But there were too many peacekeepers, and after 13 minutes of fierce firefights in the streets, the peacekeepers moved onto the Waterborne Manor.

The remaining Waterborne garrisoned inside the manor, where they were offered no harm at the cost of surrender. Viktor ordered his men to fire, killing many peacekeepers. The peacekeepers returned fire, killing several mercenaries, and fighting began.

The peacekeepers were unable to pierce the fortress by manpower, and after an hour of battle, they dropped a huge bomb on the manor instead. Few inside the manor survived the explosion, as peacekeepers stormed in, killing the survivors.

After destroying the manor, the peacekeepers located Arthur Waterborne, speeding away with 4 other mercenaries. They blew up his boat with a missile, before capturing Arthur and taking him prisoner. After they captured him, the capitol demolished what was left of the manor and claimed District 4 back from the Waterbornes.


"Things only got worse. A capitol patrol boat was speeding toward us. I took a deep breath before plunging underwater, allowing myself to sink deeper and deeper into the ocean. When I saw the speedboat leave, I surfaced, catching glimpse of Arthur and the final mercenary taken prisoner. It seems the short uprising had been ended."
―Amlyn Waterborne during the final moments of the battle.[src]
After the battle, peacekeepers returned to District 4, returning Capitol authority to the district. A few more skirmishes on the edges of District 4 continued, but ultimately they proved nothing as the capitol won every one of them.

The eastern portion of the district was destroyed from the battle. After the battle, District 2 peacekeepers stormed the District 2 Waterborne Stronghold to eliminate any waterbornes there. This began the Waterborne Holocaust, where anyone with a surname of Waterborne was executed on sight.

Known CasualtiesEdit

Santanna Waterborne: Killed when the Waterborne Manor was blown up.

Ernest Waterborne: Executed after the battle.

Known SurvivorsEdit

Amlyn Waterborne: Survived, changed her name to Maggie Harrison to avoid prosecution during the Waterborne Holocaust.

Viktor Waterborne: Escaped the Waterborne Manor and evaded peacekeepers long enough to hijack a helicopter and fly to District 1.

Arthur Waterborne: Captured by Peacekeepers after the battle.

Mack Waterborne: Escaped the battle and evaded peacekeepers.