Infiltration of De Leone Mercenary Underwater Cavern
RWF Team A scuba diving through the caves.
Conflict: District 14 Uprising
Date: Feburary 23rd, 391 ADD
Place: Underwater Caverns overlooking District 14's Rebel Base
Outcome: RWF Victory
The Rebellion

Rebel Waterbased Forces

De Leone Mercenaries

Female DLM Divers The Capitol

The Master (Commander of the Rebellion)

Emilia (Leader of RWF)

Annie (Co-Leader of RWF)

Mysterious Man (De Leone Mercenaries Leader)

FDLMD Captain

6 RWF Divers

1 RWF Soldier

1 DLM Radio Operator

10-20 FDLMD Soldiers 4 Capitol Divers

Olivia (RWF Member) 1 DLM Radio Operator

3 FDLMD Divers

3 Capitol Divers

The Infiltration of De Leone Mercenary Underwater Cavern was a mission assigned to new leader Emilia of the Rebel Waterbased Forces by the Master of the Rebellion to destroy a hidden base of the De Leone Mercenaries.


After Rebellion spies found out the DLM were establishing a base to fire missiles at the Rebel Base, the Master of the Rebellion ordered Emilia to infiltrate and destroy the base before it was finished being built. She was assigned 5 members of the RWF. She gathered Darrel, Annie, Olivia, Trina, Akemi, and a new recruit Chiasa, to ready up for the mission.

The MissionEdit

The group took a speed boat to the location above the underwater caves, to enter from the top instead. Darrel stayed with the boat to look like he was just fishing at sea while the 6 girls put on scuba gear and dove into the water. Annie guided the group through a passage, where Emilia killed a female diver of the DLM. After entering the next passage, the 6 encountered 2 more female divers and engaged in combat. Both divers and Olivia were killed, as the 5 RWF members found an air pocket.

Two capitol divers snuck up and killed a lone merc radio operator, before diving back underwater. The RWF followed them, until they turned around and discovered the RWF. Trina was shot in the side during the action, and the pink haired capitol diver killed. The green haired one escapes, as the RWF swam toward the surface to Darrrel's boat.

On board, Chiasa and Annie worked on healing Trina. Darrel sped up on a capitol speed boat, when a tux man opened fire on them. Emilia shot the engine of the boat out, and Darrel rammed his speedboat into the escaping Capitol boat, locking them both. The tux man prepared to shoot Darrel, but a precise shot to the head by Emilia killed tux guy. That's when the green haired diver tackled Emilia underwater, and the capitol boat driver began to brawl with Darrel.

Emilia subdued the green haired girl, before swimming on to the boat. Darrel punched the other driver into the boat's propellor, shredding him to bits. Before they took off, the green haired girl, not so dead, threatened to blow the whole boat up. Emilia quickly shot the girl's shooting arm, causing her to drop the gun. After discovering she was only 17, they realized that the green haired girl didn't deserve this. They took her to District 14's port, giving her a chance at new life. This concluded the battle.