Hunting Knife
The Hunting Knife as it appears in the Hunger Games.
A tool normally used for hunting, it can be used as a weapon thanks to it's sharp blade and pointed end.
Cornucopia (Multiple Games)

Hunting Knives are common weapons that are found in and around the cornucopia. Similar to the machete, they provide a safer alternative to a sword, as they are not located deep in the cornucopia.

412th Hunger GamesEdit

Hunting Knives were common in the 412th Hunger Games, found near the cornucopia.

Only one tribute used the hunting knife as a weapon, that tribute being the Carl Hoges. He used the hunting knife in his fight with the Yuri Harris. Carl was mediocre with the weapon, but he managed to survive Yuri's strikes for a good while before finally going down.

Characters who have used scythes.Edit

These are all the characters who have ever wielded a hunting knife.

  • Carl Hoges

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