Helena Furlarm
Cat Girl
Basic Statistics
Gender Female
District District 14
Age 17
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black and Red
Height 5'4 Ft
Weight 130 Pounds
Build Short and Slim
Game's Information
Final Placing N/A
Killed By N/A
"If I so much as get a drop of water on me, someone will die."
―Helena's Charming Personality
Helena Furlarm is a female Mutt-Tribute from District 14. She is a Cat Mutt that was created in District 14, Supporting the Capitol Currently.

Backround Edit

Born in District 14, she had a great life with a richer family. When District 14 was made and participated in the games, they looked for a child to test being "mutated" to become stronger then the average Tribute. She was the first one to volunteer for the test. The animal she was mixed with was a black cat, therefor she grew a small layer of grey fur, with a prehensile tail and claws. District 14 then sent her to go volunteer at the games to test their new mutation. {MORE TO BE ADDED}

Skills Edit