"They've come to try and take the last Waterborne stronghold... well I say we don't LET them!"
―Viktor Waterborne[src]
The First Battle of the District 1 Waterborne Stronghold was a major battle in District 1 between the waterbornes and the Capitol.


After amassing an army, General Amistad began his leadership of killing Waterbornes and noticing that District 1's stronghold had not been taken yet. He contacted the peacekeeper force there, telling them to ready for battle. However, spies of Viktor alerted him to the plot, and he had time to call in mercenaries and combat weapons with his insane amount of connections.

The BattleEdit

Peacekeepers attacked around 4 AM on Janurary 27th. The battle started around the District 1 Waterborne Stronghohld, but Viktor managed to rally his troops and push the fighting into the main district, hijacking a capitol hovercraft. Using the stolen equipment, he fire bombed the massive amounts of enemy soldiers. However, in doing so, he killed many civillians trapped in burning houses, making the tactical mistake and causing District 1 to turn against him in the future.


After the battle, General Amistad fled to District 2 to get reinforcements. However, most of District 1 supported him, and many volunteered to take up arms to fight the Waterbornes after the fire bombing incident. It was this extra advantage that caused the Waterbornes to lose later on.

Known CasualtiesEdit

Tina McGunn: Mayor's daughter who was killed during the battle by the firebomb.

Known SurvivorsEdit

The head peacekeeper of District 1 escaped the battle.