Fire Poker
The Fire Poker as it appears in the 699th Hunger Games.
A tool normally used to stoke a fire, can be used as a weapon by either striking with the blunt metal end, or stabbing with the end.
Inside Cabins (699th Hunger Games)

Fire Pokers are a rare tool that are found exclusively in the 699th Hunger Games. Normally used to stoke a fire, one tribute ended up using one as a weapon. 

699th Hunger GamesEdit

Fire Pokers were plentiful in the 699th Hunger Games, being inside the cabins of the village.

The District 6 Male wields a fire poker.

Only one tribute used the fire poker as a weapon, that tribute being the District 6 Male. He used the Fire Poker in his fight with the Headtaker, using it rather effectively. However, he was unable to beat the Headtaker in combat, and eventually perished.

Characters who have used Fire Pokers.Edit

These are all the characters who have ever wielded a knife.

  • District 6 Male (699th Hunger Games)

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