Female De Leone Mercenary Divers
ScubagirlsTwo of the divers breathing through scuba gear.
Private Faction
Female-Only Faction
Water Based Faction
Year Created July 17th, 990 ADD
District of Origination 4
Commanding Officer Katiya Sveski
Number of Active Members 1000-1500
Allies De Leone Mercenaries
Enemies The Rebellion

The Capitol


"They're just like us. They got two lungs that breathe air. They can't breathe underwater, and once they're cut from their oxygen supply, they're no better than us."
―Daves explaining the new threat to the RWF.[src]
The Female De Leone Mercenary Divers (shortened to FDLMD) are a sub group of the De Leone Mercenaries. They are skilled divers that are strictly female, and are very dangerous underwater.


Sherwood Allure Swim MaskEdit

The agents wear silver colored Sherwood Allure Swim Masks. Used for durability and clearest vision underwater, they aid the FDLMD in the biggest way.

Black Swim FinsEdit

Black swim fins help the girls swim fast through water.

SCUBA Air TankEdit

These give the females the much needed air supply underwater.

Passin' Time FDLMD MembersEdit

Diver killed by EmiliaEdit

This light haired diver was killed by Emilia at the beginning of the Infiltration of De Leone Mercenary Underwater Cavern. Her throat was slit and she died instantly.

Diver killed by multiple RWF MembersEdit

This black haired diver was mobbed by Chiasa, Trina, and Akemi, who brutally stabbed her to death in the Infiltration of De Leone Mercenary Underwater Cavern.

Diver drowned by AnnieEdit

This brown haired diver was confronted by Annie during the Infiltration of De Leone Mercenary Underwater Cavern. She killed Olivia by shooting her through the leg with a harpoon, rupturing her air supply and drowning her. Annie then came after the diver, who tried to stab Annie with a knife. Annie swam around her and grabbed the diver by the throat, ripping the regulator out of her mouth and holding her in a chokehold. Annie held the diver away from air long enough to drown her.