Faith Galluci
FaithGalluciFaith Galluci as she appears in her story.
Neutral Good
Main Characters
Main Information
Gender Female
Age 13
District 7, later 5.
Height 5'5"
Weight 116 lbs.
Build Slim
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color Light
Hair Color Blonde
Hair Length Long
Shoe Size 6.5
Piercings Diamond stud earrings (both ears)
Tattoos None
Combat Info
Weapons Falchion, Perth Dagger, Wooden Log
Equipment Swim Mask, Swimwear, Fins, Landwear, Spile
Kills  ???
Longest Underwater Breath Hold 45 Seconds
Average Run Speed 22 mph
Average Swim Speed 4.4 mph
Final Info
Status Alive
Killed By N/A
Cause of Death N/A
Faith Galluci (October 9th, 999 ADD - ???) was a female tribute from District 5 in the 1012th Annual Hunger Games.


Faith Talia Galluci, born October 9th, 999 ADD, was a female tribute from District 5 who participated in the 1012th Annual Hunger Games. She was the youngest of 4 Galluci's, behind her brothers Jon and Antony Galluci, and her sister Sofia Galluci. She was originally born in District 7, but was moved to District 5 after an attempt on her life by Jon Galluci in 1010 ADD. She was reaped as the District 5 female for the games, along with her district partner.

Near-Death ExpiriencesEdit

Faith has almost been killed multiple times, even before her apperance in a games.

Pre Hunger GamesEdit

Jon Galluci tried to drown her when she was 10, she almost died in a car wreck in District 5.

The GamesEdit