Diver's Bay
Body of Water
Located between Districts 16 and 17
Eastern Hemisphere Location
District Located 16 and 17
Controlled By Nobody
Main Activity Diving, swimming, fishing
Major Events Skirmish at Diver's Bay
Climate Hot and Humid (Spring, Fall, Summer)

Cold and Humid (Winter)

Elevation Below Sea Level
Diver's Bay (Formerly Sea of Japan) is a large body of water seperating District 16 and 17. It's used by both for underwater activities and a water source.

Underwater ActivitiesEdit

Districts 16 and 17 train young adults many undewater activities, such as freediving, scuba, and spearfishing. In the winter, it's used for ice fishing.


Asian Female scuba diving in Diver's Bay.

Events in the BayEdit

  • A skirmish between Loyalists of 16 and Rebels of 17 before the Drowning Games occured here, resulting in the death of 7 soldiers.
  • Princess Haruko Izanami drowning in the bay at age 16 after a scuba diving accident. The Capitol was blamed for faulty equipment, causing Districts 16 and 17 to join the rebels.