District II
Southern Oceanic District
Middle Class District
Year Created 42 BDD
Industry Production
Mayor Auriel Tomlinson
Number of Citizens 900 thousand
Climate Because of its size, there is significant variation in climate across the District. Low rainfall and hot humid summers are typical for the inland and west, a monsoonal "wet" season in the far north, and warm, temperate conditions along the coastal strip. Elevated areas in the south-east inland can experience temperatures well below freezing in mid-winter. The climate of the coastal strip is influenced by warm ocean waters, keeping the region free from extremes of temperature and providing moisture for rainfall.
Elevation 811 m (2660 feet)
Victors N/A
Common Eye Color Brown/Hazel
Common Hair Color Various shades of brown
Common Ethnicity Australian

District II is one of the two Southern Oceanic Districts, and part of the country of Corinth. It's the larger of the two Districts, and bigger than the The Borough. It's located in the former Australian state of Queensland.


District II came into existence after the catastrophic flood and subsequent World War which ended life on Earth as it had been. When sea levels began to quickly rise and the world's nations engaged in a devastating World War which ravaged the planet, a large ship/submarine known as The Shuttle, evacuated many people from Europe and North America. They were hidden underwater for nearly an entire year before surfacing and seeking refuge on Australia.

While Australia had been heavily affected by the rising oceans and the World War, most of the land was intact and safe from any radiation poisoning or any other related issues.

About 692,000 people had been saved, including those who had survived the chaos, and those aboard The Shuttle. In just a matter of years a new government had been established and the continent/country was renamed Corinth. At the time, only the heavily fortified city named The Borough was established.

Around 2 ADD, some of Corinth's best scientists discovered Panem, the other newly forged nation. Panem's 13 Districts inspired Corinth's Districts I and II. They continued to monitor Panem without contacting them, watching the other country fall into war and into oppression. They continued to watch as the Hunger Games was founded and President Snow rose to power.

They remained under cover and stayed quiet for many years, watching as the Far East Districts emerged, and their subsequent war with Panem, especially over District 14. 

The PeopleEdit



District II is responsible for all food growth/production for the country. They also produce items like clothing, furniture, and other goods.


Like the rest of the country, surfing is very popular in District II. Camping, sports, hiking, and other outdoorsy activities are also highly popular in this large District.

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