The District 8 Male was the male tribute from District 8 during the 701st Hunger Games. Overall, he placed 8th out of 24, pretty high for District 8 standards.


Not much is known about the boy or his early life or family. He was reaped to participate in the 701st Games however, and became District 8's male tribute.


The boy performed decently in training, garnering a score of 7 and odds of 14-1.

The GamesEdit

The male was positioned to the right of Nero Shock and to the left of Mack Waterborne. When the games started, he ran to the cornucopia to fight for supplies. There he confronted the girl from 11, brawling with her over a duffel bag and an axe. He managed to overpower the girl, throwing her to the ground before slinging the bag over his shoulder and leaving the cornucopia. Crossing the bridge, he encountered Canary Ash. She managed to disarm him, but the boy from 8 shoved her in the river, and then attempted to drown her. He almost succeeded, but she escaped from him. Taking his ax back he dissapeared into the dry forest.


The boy from 8 managed to survive until Day 11, when he died of unknown causes at around dawn. He ended up placing 8th out of 24, managing to outlive 5 careers and place rather high for a District 8 tribute.


  • He was the highest placing unnamed tribute, placing 8th out of 24.
    • Due to surviving this long, it can be presumed that he was either a survivalist or just had enough luck to be away from most tributes.
  • As his death occurred in the early hours when the Careers were yet to awake, it can be presumed he died of either an infection, to the Anti-Careers, or to natural causes.
  • According to the Tribute Physicals his papers show that he's 5'11" and weighs 160 pounds.
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