District 8 Male (699th Hunger Games)
Main Information
Gender Male
Age 17
District 8
Height 5'11"
Weight 179 lbs.
Build Average
Eye Color Dark Brown
Skin Color Light
Hair Color Black
Combat Info
Weapons Scythe
Equipment None
Kills 1 (District 2 Female)
Final Info
Status Deceased
Killed By The Headtaker
Cause of Death Stabbed through chest with sword.
Other Info
Portrayed By Johnny Depp
Appears In 699th Hunger Games
Mentioned In  ???
The District 8 Male was the male tribute from District 8 who participated in the 699th Hunger Games.

74th Hunger GamesEdit


In the film, he was training his plant identification skills, trying to increase his intelligence. He scored a 7 and had the odds of 15-1.

Cornucopia bloodbathEdit

The District 8 Male fought for supplies in the bloodbath, grabbing a few things before retreating with his allies Hayden Zarate and the District 6 Male.


The 8 Male made an alliance with the Hayden and District 6 Male, to form an alliance for oppressed tributes.

He and his allies managed to survive two days in the forests surrounding the village, before coming out on the third day to get supplies. He and his allies killed the boy from 1 and girl from 2, raiding the cornucopia before retreating back into the woods. The boy then delved deep into the woods, following Hayden. After hearing three cannons on Day 5, he was led back into the village by Hayden.

After arriving, Hayden and co took all the supplies and stored them inside of a warm cabin, taking advantage of the building's one entrance as a chokepoint. Hayden deduced that only one other tribute remained besides him and his allies. He and Hayden rode on horseback to find the one tribute, leaving the District 6 Male behind to guard the supplies.



The 8 Male returns to help out Hayden Zarate.

He and Hayden split up, unable to find anything. When a cannon boomed, he and Hayden rode back to the cabin, afraid that there ally had been killed. Hayden arrived first, beginning a fight with the 6 Male's killer, the Headtaker. 29Ymi

The 8 Male joins the fight.

The 8 Male soon arrived, joining in the fight to help Hayden Zarate. He used a scythe, managing to get a spinning strike in and stab the scythe into the Headtaker's back. However, the weapon got stuck, forcing the 8 Male and Hayden to retreat. 29Ymo

The 8 Male is stabbed through the chest and killed.

After getting across the bridge, the Headtaker ambushed the duo, stabbing the 8 Male through the chest, killing him.

Overall, the boy placed 3rd out of 24.


  • In the games, his odds of winning were 13-1.
  • In the games, he weighs 188 pounds and he is 18 years old.
  • In the arena, he wears a white long sleeved shirt with a brown vest over it.
  • In the games, he was the Headtaker's last victim to be beheaded.

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