District 6 Female (1003rd Hunger Games)
6Female1003The girl as she appears during the 1003rd Hunger Games.
Neutral Good
Main Information
Gender Female
Age 13
District 6
Height 5'1"
Weight 97 lbs.
Build Small
Eye Color Blue-Green
Skin Color Light
Hair Color Light Brown
Hair Length Medium
Shoe Size 5
Piercings None
Tattoos None
Combat Info
Weapons None
Equipment Swim Mask, Swimwear, Fins, Landwear
Kills 1
Longest Underwater Breath Hold 1 minute 5 seconds
Average Run Speed 20 mph
Average Swim Speed 4.5 mph
Final Info
Status Deceased
Killed By The Careers
Cause of Death Unknown
The District 6 Female was a female tribute from District 6 in the 1003rd Annual Hunger Games.


Not much is known about this tribute's life before the games, other than she was reaped.

The GamesEdit

During the games, she allied with the District 8 Female. Both girls acquired green swim masks during the bloodbath, and used them to skindive in the oceans surrounding the arena. By hiding underwater and fishing by hand, the duo managed to make it to the final 5.

While the girl from 8 was deep underwater, the boy from 9 attacked the girl from 6, and the two got in a scuffle. It lead underwater, where the boy from 9 viciously ripped the girl's swim mask from her face. Without it, she was unable to see her target well, but managed to hold the boy underwater while surfacing and breathing herself. She drowned the boy from 9, achieving her only kill.

After the girl from 8 never returned due to drowning herself, the girl from 9 attempted to dive down and retrieve her allies supplies. However, she was unable to hold her breath long enough, and was forced to return to the surface empty handed.

Shortly after surfacing, the final two careers, the boy from 2 and the boy from 4 tracked her down. After a brief fight, her chest was slashed with a sword by the boy from 2, giving her a quick death. Overall, she placed 3rd out of 24.


The girl from 6 (right) with her ally the girl from 8 (left) during the 1003rd Hunger Games.