District 4 Male (3rd Hunger Games)
Unknown male
Founder of the Waterbornes
Unknown Characters
Born in District 4
Basic Statistics
Gender Male
District 4
Age 12-18
Eye Color Unknown, possibly Green.
Hair Color Unknown, possibly Blonde.
Height Unknown, possibly 6'1.
Weight Unknown, possibly 203 lbs.
Build Unknown, possibly Muscular and Athletic.
Final Info
Status Deceased
Killed By A Tribute in the 3rd Hunger Games
Cause of Death Unknown
"We can remember who founded our family, but not their FRICKEN' NAME?!"
Bridgett Waterborne[src]
The District 4 Male (3rd Hunger Games) was an unknown male tribute representing District 4 in the Hunger Games. His final placing out of 24 is unknown. He is most famous for founding The Waterbornes.

Founding of the WaterbornesEdit

The male had a girlfriend sometime around 3 ADD. The hunger games were coming, and knowing he was the last Waterborne, he quickly impregnated his girlfriend before being reaped to fight in the 3rd Annual Hunger Games.


Sometime during the games, the male was either killed by a tribute or natural causes. It's unknown what he placed in the end.