District 3 Male (699th Hunger Games)
HeadtakerVictim1The tribute during the games.
Main Info
Full Name Unknown
Nicknames N/A
Gender Male
Home District 3, Former Ohio, Panem
Alignment Unknown
Birth Name Unknown
Birth Date Unknown
Birth Place Unknown
Death Date Unknown
Death Place 699th Hunger Games Arena
Cause of Death Stabbed
Resting Place Unmarked Grave outside of District 6
Height 5'8" (172 cm.)
Weight 200 lbs. (91 kg)
Race White
Build Short and fat.
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color Unknown
Hair Length Unknown
Shirt Size Unknown
Foot Size Unknown
Waist Size Unknown
Piercings N/A
Tattoos N/A
Maximum Load  ???
Run Speed  ???
Swim Speed  ???
Longest Breathhold  ???
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Guardians N/A
Siblings Unknown
Children N/A
Friends Unknown
Enemies Unknown
First Apperance 699th Hunger Games
Last Apperance 699th Hunger Games
Centric Stories N/A
The District 3 Male was a male tribute from District 3. He was killed in the 699th Hunger Games, placing 24th out of 24.


Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about the man's earlier years, other than he was born in District 3. He became a tribute in the 699th Hunger Games.


He and a few other tributes gang rushed the Headtaker, realizing how dangerous he was. Although they all rushed him, the male attacked first. He was then swiftly stabbed by the Headtaker, being the first to die.


  • He was the first death of the games.
Victim 1 Stabbed

The male is stabbed and killed by the Headtaker.

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