District 2 Female (997th Hunger Games)
2Female997The girl as she appears during the 997th Hunger Games.
Lawful Evil
Main Information
Gender Female
Age 16
District 2
Height 5'5"
Weight 137 lbs.
Build Average
Eye Color Hazel
Skin Color Light
Hair Color Light Brown
Hair Length Medium
Shoe Size 8
Piercings Two earrings
Tattoos None
Combat Info
Weapons Throwing Knives
Equipment Landwear
Kills 2
Longest Underwater Breath Hold  ???
Average Run Speed  ???
Average Swim Speed  ???
Final Info
Status Deceased
Killed By Boris Galluci
Cause of Death Own throwing knife thrown indirectly into her throat.
The District 2 Female was a female tribute from District 2 in the 997th Annual Hunger Games.


Not much is known about this tribute's life before the games, other than she was reaped.

The GamesEdit

During the games, she allied with the careers, surviving 14 days into the games before her final confrontation with Boris Galluci. She and the boy from 1 took on Boris together. While the boy from 1 fought with Boris in melee combat, the girl provided support with throwing knives. However, Boris took one of her missed knives, and threw it at the boy from 1. The boy ducked and the knife ended up killing it's former wielder. Overall, she placed 3rd out of 24.